What Are The 10 Best Apples For Juicing? | With Benefits

Best Apples for Juicing

What are the 10 Best Apples for Juicing? | With Benefits

Staying healthy has never been easier. As juicing turns out to be efficient and quick in getting those nutrients and vitamins in your body.

Blending is also an excellent way to stay healthy. But juicing gives you high yields of juice, fewer sugars, and more nutrients.

Today we’ll the pick the 10 best apples for juicing for you, and also discuss why juicing apples is very beneficial. 

Best Apples for Juicing

Best Apples for Juicing

A good juicer plays a great role in extracting and separating the juice from your produce. We recommend going for one of the best slow juicers to get the most out of your apples. You can read our dash juicer reviews to know about this compact juicer.

These slow masticating juicers can churn any fruit and provide high yields of juice. And, the produce stays for more extended periods.

Well, this is because they come with a 72-hour shelf life that ensures your fresh juice lasts. As high-end juicers, they are expensive machines.

But if you are looking for something budget-friendly, we recommend you to read our reviews on the best juicers under $100. These machines will also do the same job and save your pockets. 

There’s a wide variety of juicers like carrot juicers, ginger juicers, and apple juicers, among many others. 

If you love juicing, you know the hustle that comes with choosing the best juicing products.

Apples are a common fruit and happen to be the best fruit for making juice. When comparing apples to other apples, it can get confusing. Because there’s a big difference in color, size, texture, and even sweetness.

There are over 7500 apple varieties worldwide. That’s many apples to pick and even know by name! Which makes you wonder; which apples are best for juicing? 

Also, you would like to know why we recommend juicing your apples than blending them. You can have the answers in our article on juicing vs. blending; please read it.

Don’t worry; this review is going to simplify and narrow down things for you. But first, let’s look at some of the benefits of juicing apples. 

Benefits of Juicing Apples

Aids in Digestion

Aids in Digestion

Apples have a high content of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber. But since we are juicing them, there will be no fiber.

Most of the nutrients are in the fruit peel, so don’t throw away that leftover juice pulp—the fibers in the apple peel helps in maintaining bowel movement in our bodies.

You can use the fruit pulp in your fruit smoothies when blending. 

However, this can add many sugars to your smoothie as apple pulp contains natural sugars. A lot of sugar intake is not advisable for your health in the long run. Most people and even professional juicers make this common juicing mistake. 

For Clear Skin

Apple juice for clear skin

In a world full of creams, face scrubs, and lotions, apples play a great role. The most popular skincare lotion and soap manufacturers use apples.

The reason is apples have antioxidants that increase collagen production in your body.

Collagen makes your skin look smooth, supple, and firm. So if you want clear and rosy skin make sure you add apple juice to your list of healthy drinks. 

For Gorgeous Hair

gorgeous hair

Growing hair can be a bit slow and expensive for both women and men.

Do you know that apples have a natural compound that helps grow hair and maintain your current hair?

So if you have stunted growth, apples can save you much hustle. Even better, they are cheap to get. Instead of going for expensive hair products, why not add apple juice to your routine. 

Promotes Weight Loss

Promotes Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose some weight? Well, drinking apple juice can be a bonus for weight loss when consumed in smaller doses.

As mentioned above, apple juice is high in raw sugars and calories. It can profit you much if you’re using it as an alternative for harmful processed beverages.

Its natural sweetness has a fresh taste, and the fiber content can make you feel full longer.

Prevents Cancer

Prevents Cancer

The chemical compounds found in apples help keep your skin gorgeous and healthy. They can also discourage getting cancer. One natural compound that stands out is quercetin. 

Scientists have proved quercetin to hinder the growth of several types of cancer. The most common are breast, cervix, and lung cancer.

To get the most out of it in your juice, make sure you use the fruit peel while juicing. 

Battles Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), “bad” cholesterol, is a leading cause of coronary artery disease. It accumulates in the walls of your blood vessels.

Thus, it increases the risk of health issues like heart attacks or, worse, a stroke.

It sounds terrible, Right? Your body needs cholesterol to protect its nerves. And, it also makes healthy cells and hormones. 

Apple juice is a concentration of nutrients that can fight bad cholesterol. It prohibits the LDL from accumulating in your arteries, which in turn boosts your health.

Drinking a delicious glass of apple juice can keep your heart healthy. Thus, it helps to keep the doctor away. 

Improves Memory

Improves Memory

People with Alzheimer’s disease have low neurotransmitter acetylcholine levels. It contributes to the decline of their memories, leading to memory loss. 

The antioxidants present in apples assist in fighting these levels of memory loss. Drinking a glass of apple juice will boost your memory and maintain your sharpness. 

Another fruit, pineapple, is becoming a trend to have as juice during tooth surgery. To know the facts, you can read our article on does pineapple juice help with wisdom teeth removal.

What are the 10 Best Apples for Juicing?

So what apples are best for juicing? This article narrows down to the ten best apples for juicing. Let’s get right into it. 

[1] Winesap Apples

Winesap Apples

The Winesap has a neutralized flavor and raw texture, making it one of the best apples for any mixture.

If you love baking, it’s an excellent choice for any spiced pie or cider recipe. Winesaps also make very delicious juices

[2] Braeburn Apples

Braeburn Apples

Braeburns are the benchmark fruits for commercial apples. Most juicers praise them for fresh flavor, balance, affordability, and ease of production.

Braeburns taste best when chilled below normal room conditions. 

[3] Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apples

The Honeycrisp is a high-end apple. It is an expensive fruit with four times the price of an ordinary apple. Despite the price, the demand for Honeycrisp is very high. It has super-crunchy flesh and sweet juiciness.

The high price is because it’s a challenging fruit to grow. And only about half the quantity of produce makes it to consumers. 

The Honeycrisp trees need high maintenance and take time to produce enough fruit. Thus, making it challenging to keep up with consumer demand. 

[4] Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples

As the name suggests, the Pink Lady is a tart variety with an attractive pink blush. These apples rank on flavor and texture.

Their high sugar and high acid content make a crispy and refreshing flavor. They’re also great for baking because of their tart flavor.

[5] Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples

Fuji apples are big and juicy apples developed in Japan and are available all year round. Despite their origin, at present Washington produces more Fuji apples than Japan. 

Fuji apples are best known for their longer shelf-life than most apples. 

If you’re looking for sweetness, Fuji apples give a similar sweetness to the Honeycrisps. They rank among the sweetest apples you can find.

[6] Arkansas Apples

Arkansas Apples

Arkansas apples are a bit on the uncommon side. These floral-flavored apples pack a nice dose of sweetness and balanced tartness.

They are best known for their signature wine-red peels, which make them look nice. They are great for baking, too. 

[7] Gala Apples

Gala Apples

Gala apples are delicate and contain the right amount of sweetness. They have a colorful appearance, usually red stripes on the white or yellowish fruit skin. 

Gala apples tend to be a bit smaller in size than other popular apples. Because the gardeners harvest them early in the season. 

When juicing them, expect to use more than two apples of gala apples per glass of juice. 

[8] Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith Apples

The Granny Smith has a sour flavor and a very impressive juice quantity. The flavor makes it a popular apple for baking. It also makes it an excellent fruit for juicing.

Moreover, the sourness assists the juice in lasting longer, it also has a lower sugar content making it healthier than most apples. The sourness gives an exceptional taste to leafy greens.

The taste can sometimes be nasty when eating them raw. Granny Smith apples make a great addition to green juices. Some excellent vegetables for juicing with Granny Smith are kale and spinach. 

[9] Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious Apples

These apples are a beautiful yellow shade with a sweet, soft inside. They’re as refreshing as Red Delicious but rate a little higher on the flavor profile. They are versatile apples for juicing. 

[10] Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious Apples

The Red Delicious is a standard apple and is generally found in grocery shops and fruit bowls at hotels. The reason behind it is that the Red Delicious is an elegant apple with a darker red color. 

However, the flavor is the opposite of the intense color. It is a very soft and almost uninteresting fruit as the flavor is wanting.

The dark peel boosts your juice by giving it a vibrant darker color. That’s why most juicers use it for their smoothies. 

Let’s take a look at some popular questions asked about apples.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Verdict: The Winner is?

Apples differ in taste. Depending on what you plan to use them on. However, the Granny Smith takes the win for the day. It is an affordable and versatile fruit.

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