Why am I craving orange juice during pregnancy?

craving orange juice during pregnancy

Why am I Craving Orange Juice During Pregnancy?

Orange juice consumption during pregnancy can also be brought on by anxiety, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, or glucose or vitamin C insufficiency. Here, we have explained some reasons for craving orange juice during pregnancy. 

Consuming orange juice during pregnancy or a period is not bad. We all know that craving fruit and juice is a common thing. Sometimes orange cravings can happen at night.

Why am I craving orange juice during pregnancy?

Don’t panic; it’s a bit awkward but also natural. Oranges and orange juice are safe, according to some, but is it healthy to drink juice during pregnancy?

If so, are there any particular advantages of drinking orange juice for pregnant women? Read this article to know more about consuming orange juice during pregnancy.

Reasons for Orange Juice Craving During Pregnancy

Reasons for Orange Juice Craving During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may feel the urge to drink orange juice. Here, we explain five possible explanations for this.

Lack of Vitamin C

Orange is one of the most popular citrus fruits and a rich source of vitamin C. So if your body doesn’t get enough vitamin C, you may crave orange juice.

A glass of orange juice can dramatically raise your vitamin C levels. We recommend choosing pure, natural orange juice to get the most benefits.

Low Blood Sugar Level

Orange juice has enough sugar, which keeps energy levels high. Craving orange juice during pregnancy may indicate that you are low on energy and need to rejuvenate your body. 

Orange juice is also high in calories; One cup (240 ml) has approximately 110 calories, giving you more energy for your daily activities. Keep your sugar intake in check while consuming orange juice.


Cravings for juice are usually brought on by dehydration. If dehydrated, your body may ask for orange juice or other drinks to meet your daily fluid needs. 

Oranges have a delicious and refreshing flavor, so your body may crave more to rehydrate and refresh your taste receptors. However, it is usually best to drink water if you are dehydrated.


Orange juice cravings may be brought on by stress. Suppose you’re feeling down or having trouble sleeping.

In that case, your body’s ghrelin level may rise slightly, making you want sugary meals like orange juice. We suggest practicing regular exercise, meditation, and yoga if you frequently feel stressed.

These pursuits can assist you in avoiding stress and reducing its negative effects on your health, particularly if you’re expecting it.

In addition, the hormone ghrelin, the hunger hormone, regulates your appetite and food consumption.

Gut Bacteria

Pregnancy-related increases in estrogen and progesterone alter the makeup and functionality of gut bacteria, which impacts your appetite and food choices.

You may consequently seek foods that support specific nutrients or bacteria (such as those found in orange juice).

Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice

Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Juice

Boosts Immunity

Orange juice consumption during pregnancy can help strengthen the immune systems of the mother and fetus and prevent pregnancy-related allergies.

That occurs due to oranges’ high vitamin C content, which improves the immune system’s functionality and lessens the intensity of allergic reactions.

Can Support Blood Pressure Maintenance

The high potassium in oranges can help control blood pressure levels in pregnant women and relieve hypertension.

Can Aid in Avoiding Constipation:

Orange juice is rich in fiber and cellulose, which help regularize bowel movements and cure constipation, a common pregnancy problem.

Perfect for the Skin

Oranges are powerful antioxidants. Drinking orange juice can prevent acne and remove tan from the skin.

Perfect for Your Unborn Baby

The folate content in oranges can help your baby’s brain cells and tissues form, thus preventing any fetal brain or spinal cord abnormalities.

Well, citrus is always a tricky fruit to juice. So, we recommend using a renowned juicer to enhance the taste. In the cold press juicers, you just have to peel off the skin and get the most out of it.

You can read our article about omega juicers to get the best cold press juicer to fulfill your orange juice cravings.

Fruit Juice Alternatives During Pregnancy

The following fruit juices can help you satisfy your appetite and have a comparable nutritional profile to orange juice. You are welcome to try any of them; They are all safe to eat when pregnant.
● Citrus juice
● Strawberry juice
● Apple fruit juice
● Guava juice
● Carrot juice
● Red beet juice
● Pomegranate juice

How to make orange juice at home?

Pasteurized orange juice is a great food for pregnant women with no additives or preservatives. Make orange juice at home by using the methods described below:

Step 1: Using a juicer or blender, squeeze the oranges to release their juice, which you should then pour into a big basin.

Step 2: Heat the mixture over a high flame in the pot on the stove. While it heated up, stir often.

Step 3: Check the temperature when the juice starts to boil. It must reach 71 °C (160 °F) to be considered pasteurized. 

Step 4: Then transfer the juice to the already heated jar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Words

Orange juice will help you regain shape after giving birth and has several benefits for pregnant women. Nevertheless, if you eat too much, your kid can be overweight when born.

Generally, before including fresh orange juice in your diet, we recommend consulting your doctor or health professional.

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