Doser Vs Doserless Grinder: Which One is a Better Option?

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Doser Vs Doserless Grinder| Key Differences With Pros & Cons

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking the best coffee grinder. To assist you in selecting the right coffee grinder, we’ll compare doser and doserless grinders here.

Those who take their coffee seriously know the best-tasting cup is made from freshly ground beans. For this reason, a coffee grinder is an important factor in every coffee connoisseur’s toolkit. Not all coffee grinders are the same, and a big divide in the selection available is between doser Vs doserless grinders. 

Hence, get prepared to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of grinder so that you can choose the one that will work best for your coffee brewing requirements.

The Comparison: Doser Vs Doserless Grinders

The Comparison: Doser Vs Doserless Grinders Infographic

A dozer coffee grinder has a chamber that collects ground coffee and dispenses it in measured amounts when the handle is turned. Without a chamber, a doserless grinder delivers the ground coffee into a portafilter or other container.

Dosers are used in espresso grinders to grind coffee with high-volume accounts. That means you don’t have to ground it for every shot. You can create as many beverages as you like without the machine being slower, which saves time. A doser grinder can be quite helpful as it allows you to use up all the previous beans before they oxidize. 

However, if the grinds are left for longer than 20 minutes, you should discard them, especially if you want to flavor your coffee. If you don’t discard it, your espresso shot will have a smooth taste and a little crema. 

Additionally, because the beans are fresh, each shot of espresso has a great flavor. These grinders are quieter and faster, so businesses and homes mostly use them. 

Compared to doser grinders, doserless grinders are more convenient because they allow you to grind the right amount of beans. Doserless grinders are better when it comes to grinding Turkish coffee.

What is a Doser Grinder?

Doser Grinder

A doser is a chamber before the grinder that collects ground coffee in a container. A doser chamber is usually divided into pie-shaped sections that rotate with the pull of a lever to deliver typically about 7 grams of ground coffee.

After each revolution, a new segment will rotate over the dispenser chute, dispensing a precise amount of ground coffee into the filter basket. 

The advantage of the Dozer Grinder is that it quickly delivers pre-measured doses effectively in high-volume environments. 

But if your doser espresso grinder also grinds for other brewing methods, be aware that you may get cross-contamination in your dozer pot. 

Since grind size directly affects extraction, if you accidentally mix your espresso grind with grounds meant for drip coffee, you’ll get a less-than-ideal shot of espresso.


  • Fast and convenient dosing. Ideal for high-volume situations.
  • The doser will assist in keeping your counter tidy and stopping spills of ground coffee.
  • If you overload the portafilter, you can dump the excess coffee grounds into the dozer container.


  • Your coffee grounds could become contaminated if you grind more than one coffee (like French press coffee).
  • New ground coffee sitting in the dozer can go stale between shots.
  • They are less precise than doserless grinders, so you may get a different dose of coffee than you need.

What is a Doserless Grinder?

Doserless Grinder

Doserless coffee grinders dispense grounds through a chute directly into your container. You determine how much coffee is dispensed using the grinder’s power switch. This method gives you finer control over how much will be dispensed, but you need to know how much to grind without any way to measure.

The advantage of doserless grinders is that there is no possibility of mixing different grind sizes or bean origins because the ground coffee goes directly from your coffee grinder to the filter basket.

They’re also less likely to stale freshly ground coffee because you expose the grounds to the air when you grind them.

However, a doserless grinder can require a little more work upfront since you must get your dose right by setting the grinder’s timer or manually feeding the coffee grounds into your portafilter.


  • There is no cross-contamination with the coffee grounds since you grind them directly into your portafilter.
  • You’ll always have fresh coffee and no waste because you’re grinding what you need exactly.
  • No stale coffee between shots since you’re grinding in a dozer container.
  • It offers a high-quality grind for specialty coffee drinks.


  • Doserless coffee grinders are more expensive than doser grinders.
  • Without a doser, grounds are more likely to be scattered around the countertop.
  • You must count the number of coffee beans required for each cup of coffee without a doser.
  • Without a doser, getting a consistent grind size can be difficult.

Doser Vs Doserless Grinders: Which One is Better?

Your situation will dictate whether a doser or doserless grinder suits your needs.

Suppose you’re grinding various brew methods and small amounts of coffee (not for a full line of impatient customers). In that case, a doserless grinder is a way to go.

However, you mainly grind coffee for espresso and need a quick and convenient way to dose your grounds at high repetitions. In that case, a doser grinder is a good choice.

Suppose you have quenched your thirst for the doser vs doserless grinder. In that case, it’s time to read our reviews on the best coffee grinder for Moka pot, where we discussed the best available grinders.

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Final Words

Finally, Which is Best: Doser Vs. Doserless Grinder? Consider all the above features when deciding between a doser and a doserless grinder. 

A doser grinder can be a good choice in a home with lots of entertainment. Similarly, they are generally a good choice for low-volume items such as decaf beans in a business setting. This article helps determine the differences between the doser vs doserless grinder. 

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