How Long Does Fresh Juice Last? 4 Ways to Preserve Homemade Juice

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If you are looking at this article, you are enthusiastic about juicing. Or you are planning to embark on this journey that entails drinking fresh juice. So, how long does fresh juice last?  

Well, if you are looking for an appropriate answer, you are in the right place. When starting any juicing process, it is good to know how to preserve your juice for a longer time.

To understand how this works, we will look at some of the best methods of preserving your homemade juice.

One of the common methods discovered in preserving most drinks is pasteurization. All you have to do is heat the drinks at the required temperatures to kill the microorganisms.

Thus, increases your drink’s lifespan; this is a method that has worked for many years.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?

So worried about your drink’s shelf life? Well, Don’t! As heat can extend the shelf life for a few weeks or months.

A small disadvantage is the changed flavor of the juice. In some reviews, consumers complained that pasteurization gives the drink a different taste.  Most juicers recommend you take your juice immediately after extracting it. But sometimes time is not on our side, and we want to take the juice later.

Don’t fret; this review expounds on some of the best juicers that ensure a longer shelf life for your fresh juice.

Masticating vs Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers are also known as fast juicers. And juicers use this type to make smoothies.

They are popular in most countries because they are the best inexpensive juicers. Although they are very cheap, their shelf life is shorter than other high-end juicers.

Centrifugal juicers have high-speed spinning blades. The extraction system creates a lot of heat.

Thus, starts the oxidation process in your liquid. Because oxygen molecules and microorganisms don’t go together. The result is a faster deterioration of your drink.

Firm, fresh fruits and veggies work best with this type of juicer. If you are an apple lover, you have to pick the best apples from the market and a centrifugal juicer.

They are also very good ginger juicers.

Centrifugal Juicer

To ensure your juice stays longer, you should consider a cold press juicer or slow juicer.

These types of juicers are very slow when juicing and don’t allow any oxidation process to spoil your juice.

These slow juicers extract juices by pressing the contents against a strainer. And the remaining is leftover juice pulp.

Thus, the best juicer for hard vegetables like carrots and beets falls into this category.

Most manufacturers guarantee 72 hours of juice shelf life from twin gear juicers. The slow process to extract juice prevents heat up and oxidation.

Thus, keep all the important vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes in your drink. We recommend Omega juicers as some of the best masticating juicers.

Omega juicers are best known for making nice green juices from leafy greens. Some reliable juicers are the Omega NC800HDS or J8006HDS which is the best juicer for greens.

The best vegetables for juicing are Kale, spinach, broccoli, and celery.  Omega VSJ843 is a good juicer for vegetables.

Masticating Juicer

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last in a Refrigerator?

Well, how long does fresh juice last?  

Fresh juice tastes better when consumed after juicing it. But sometimes, you might extract a lot of juice and may want to consume it later.

The refrigerator can be a good option if you can access one. As we know, room temperature might affect your juice and cause it to begin to deteriorate.

A common juicing mistake is to drink your juice when it’s not as fresh as with all nutrients intact. Storing your juice in the refrigerator extends its life to almost a full day.

Juice in the Refrigerator
You must choose your fruits as fresh as possible. Fresh fruits mean no evidence of oxidation or color change.

The discoloration happens when the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO) comes into action. All this also depends on your juicer. A slow- masticating juicer will give you a longer juice shelf life than a fast juicer.

Lemons reduce oxygen presence in juices, and adding lemon juice to your juice might be a bonus for you.

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last in a Mason jar?

Glass containers act as oxygen-proof when it comes to storing any food product. That’s why a Mason jar is one of the best containers for storing juice.

All you have to do is to fill your mason jar, leaving little to no air space at the top. You can now relax and enjoy your stored juice for a longer period.

Fresh juice in a Mason jar

4 Ways to Preserve Homemade Juice

Use a Mint Leaf

Having different ingredients in your juice but lacking that flare of freshness? Using a mint leaf as a natural preservative will spice things up.

Mint leaf adds an icy breath flavor to your juice. It also ends microorganisms in your juice, making it last longer.

I always add mint leaf and ginger juice to enhance the taste and benefits of my ginger juice.

But, don’t overdo it, as mint leaves can overpower your other ingredients unless that’s your desired taste.

Mint Leaf

Sealed Juice Containers

Storing your juice in glass containers is more efficient than other storage modes. These glass containers keep air out and seal juice from coming into contact with oxygen.

Thus, it prevents deterioration of the organic produce.

Sealed Juice Containers

Use Saran Wrap

Saran wrap is another way to keep your juice fresh. The Saran Wrap is a flexible method as you can use it in several creative ways.

It maintains your produce fresh before you juice it. You can also use it as a juice preserver. All you need is a strong sealed airtight container.  

Saran Wrap

Store in a Refrigerator

Many juicers prefer freezing as a quicker way to maintain the lifespan of their juice. It also preserves the juice freshness besides being chilly.

If stored in the right way in the freezer, it can prolong the lifespan to even months. So if you like traveling, be sure to find your juice intact even after 3-months.

But, there’s a downside to this method. The longer your juice stays in the refrigerator, the more it loses its raw essence. As much as it’s easier, it might not be the best for nutritional value.

That’s why we advise you to drink your detox juices like ginger juice straight forward to get the most benefits.

Final Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, always taste your juice before consuming it. If the juice has a funny taste to it, it might be spoilt or fermented overnight.

That is not a good sign, and you should dispose of it.  We hope this information helps you in preserving and prolonging your homemade juice. The essential part is freshness, and this should be of main importance.

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