Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS | Which One is Best? [Updated 2024]

Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS | Which One is Best?

Going shopping? Comparing the products will be the first thing to do.

Oh! Haven’t you decided which one you need? Best blender or juicer for your fruits and veggies? Or are you looking for the winner between juicing vs blending?

Well, when it comes to this question, the end product is what is essential. 

Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS

Regardless, that’s a topic for another day. Today, we’ll be focusing on some amazing juicers from the Omega company. We’ll be comparing Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS.

Let’s find out which juicer model is more suitable for your needs. So, let’s dive in and find out the best omega juicer for your requirements. 

The Omega Brand delivers the most powerful masticating juicers. These robust machines are best when it comes to getting an ample amount of juice out of your produce.  

Masticating juicers are often bypassed in comparison to centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal juicers are more famous because most of them are inexpensive juicers.

But Omega masticating juicers are high-end juicers. 

Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS

Juicing experts know that these masticating juicers often produce better results than popular models. 

We will be comparing the Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS to determine which is the best option. 

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about Omega J8006HDS and Omega NC800.

Comparison Between Omega J8006HDS and NC800HDS

Omega J8006HDS

Omega J8006HDS

  • Wattage: 200 Watts
  • Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Color: Black / White

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Omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS

  • Wattage: 150 Watts
  • Weight: 18.7 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Color: Silver

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Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Juicer

Are you looking to make a cold press glass of kale juice without much fuss?

Look no further as the reliable Omega Juicer J8006HDS is your best deal. It’s great at pressing fresh juice from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

It is a good juicer for greens. 

A Robust Device 

Soft fruits are not handled particularly well by this type of juicer. Most juicers struggle with fruit such as pineapple, mangoes, and berries.

More often, their filter gets all clogged up. The trick is to alternate the soft and hard foods when putting them through the chute. Best to start with the softer produce.

There’s a reverse button to help you out if things get clogged up in the juicer. Perhaps, Omega can be the brand to find the best juicers for ginger from the market.

If you don’t like ginger, don’t forget to read my articles ginger benefits for men and ginger benefits for women.


Can it juice leafy greens? Yes! Cheaper juicers aren’t good enough to get juice from leafy greens like kale, spinach, and celery.

In comparison, high-end juicer like Omega J8006HDS does that pretty well. It is much more effective in masticating vegetables because of its powerful auger.

Thus, it becomes a good juicer for fruits and vegetables. 

Omega J8006HDS

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Technical Specifications of Omega J8006HDS

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Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

The Omega NC800 juicer is an excellent masticating juicer. It crushes your fruits and vegetables to remove the utmost juice from your product.

The result is a high yield of juice and huge amounts of leftover juice pulp

High Yields 

The Omega Juicer NC800 is a solo gear horizontal juicer. It’s a wonderful machine for juicers who yearn to get great yields out of their fruit and veggies. 

Powerful Motor 

It has a strong motor that can crush even the toughest foods. So, this means you can process not only soft fruits into juice but a vast diversity of fruit juices.

The Omega juicers get the best out of soft fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. But Omega NC800 is versatile enough to give you more options with fruits and vegetables. 

Wider Feed Chute 

For those who love apple juice, this device has an extra-large feed chute that can fit a bigger slice of apple. So, you don’t have to waste your time on cutting.


Well, the Omega NC800HDS handles hard products pretty well.  

Dissimilar to other types of juicers, its auger can also break down veggies like celery with ease. 

Omega NC800 can extract high-quality juice from vegetables like kale, spinach, celery, and wheatgrass. 

Also, Omega NC800 is good enough to handle other veggies. You can rely on this machine for your morning detox juice or a leafy green smoothie to perk you up.

Omega NC800HDS

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Technical Specifications of Omega NC800HDS

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Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS – Similarities

Single Auger 


Both juicers are slow masticating juicers with single augers. So, both juicers have minimal heat buildup and little to no oxidation during juicing.

The process keeps intact your vitamins and nutrients. 

Wide Feeding Chute 


Both Omega models have an extra-large feeding chute. The wide chute makes it easier when preparing your produce as you don’t have to cut them into smaller pieces.

They both come with a built-in handle. Don’t forget about the automatic pulp ejection system. 

Silent Operation 


When it comes to extracting the produce, both juicers guarantee a quiet operation. The noise levels are minimal.

No one wants to be a noisy neighbor or make much noise in their house, especially in the morning. 

Omega J8006HDS

Omega J8006HDS

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Omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS

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Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS – Differences

Different Types of Masticating Juicers 

The Omega J8006HDS is a single-stage horizontal masticating juicer. And the Omega NC800HDS has a dual-stage masticating extraction. Both juicer gives longer shelf life of your fresh homemade juice.

If you are looking for a vertical Omega juicer then check our Omega VSJ843 review.

Vary in Weight 

The Omega NC800 is heavier than the Omega J8600, a few pounds heavier when it comes to weight. 

Different Adjustable Settings 

The Omega J8600 has 3-adjustable pressure settings. And the Omega NC800 has 5-adjustable pressure settings. 

Chute Size 

The Omega NC800 has a wider chute than the Omega J8006. So you’ll take less time cutting your produce with the NC800. 

Different Prices 

The Omega NC800 is more expensive than the Omega J8006. You’ll have to chuck in a few extra notes for this model. 

Omega J8006HDS

Omega J8006HDS

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Omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS

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Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS – Advantages

Good Reputation 

Omega brand juicers are some of the best in the market. Thinking of juicing from the hardest foods available in the market. You can think of Omega.

They have the excellent juicing capacity. They come with a 15-year warranty. They are durable and long-lasting masticating juicers.

They also operate pretty well, giving you a smooth juicing process and maximum juice yields. 

Easy to Assemble and Use  

They are easy to use and also assemble, making it easier for your juicing process. Another advantage is that these juicers leave a dry pulp after extracting juice.

Thus, making it simpler to discard the pulp from the juicer. 

Powerful Motors 

 They have powerful motors that extract high yields of juice from the product. If the quantity is your main reason for juicing, the result is pleasing.  

72 Hours Shelf-Life 

The 72-hour shelf life is an added advantage. To preserve the freshness, store your delicious homemade juice in airtight juice containers. Exposing them to air deteriorates the vitamins.

After storing them in containers, put them in the refrigerator for further preservation. 

Omega J8006HDS

Omega J8006HDS

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Omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS

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Omega J8006HDS vs NC800HDS – Disadvantages


These juicers are a bit pricey for a beginner or on a tight budget. On the bright side, you get quality for your capital as these models perform. 

Slow Compared to Other Types of Juicers 

Slow masticating juicers take time to juice, which can hinder you if you have a busy schedule. Time-consuming is a small disadvantage.

But the slow process guarantees you the absolute proportion of juice from your fruits.

Your Burning Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the omega nc800 and nc900?

Both models belong to 6th generation Omega horizontal masticating juicers. The only difference you find between these models is their body color. 

Who makes Omega juicers?

The answer is South Korea except for the models 8007, 8008, and O2(Made in China).

Can you put frozen fruit in an Omega juicer?

Though Omega horizontal masticating juicers come with special attachments for frozen fruit, the best practice is to let them thaw a little.

What should I look for when buying a juicer?

6 facts to consider before buying a juicer:

  • Price and Warranty
  • Nutrient Retention
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Noise Levels
  • Speeds
  • Size & Cord Length

How do I choose a good masticating juicer?

Masticating juicers are slow. So, they are good for juicing vegetables. But fruits need a little more speed. So, I prefer to look for dual-speed juicers or juicers with speed switching mode.

Final Verdict: Which one is better and Why?

With all these pieces of information, you know well enough about Omega J8006 and Omega NC800.

Both juicer models are good at making baby food, nut butter, frozen desserts, grinding coffee, spices, or extruding pasta.

When it comes to recommendations, here are some of our options:

When looking for an affordable but effective juicer, the Omega 8006 is the one. It is inexpensive than the Omega NC800. 

When looking for a juicer for soft fruits and stubborn leafy greens, look for the Omega NC800HDS.

It is simple to use and clean. Although it will take some time when adjusting to the pulp settings. The good part is that the Omega juicer’s customer service provides the NC800 with a manual. 

All in all, both masticating juicers come with their advantages. We hope this knowledge helps you select a juicer for your home, business, or personal use. 

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