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Every morning as you prepare your glass of fresh juice, you feel great about what you’re putting in your body.

All those nutrients are firing your system and giving you all the health benefits, you need. So, what are the uses for leftover juice pulp?

Before answering that question, we’ll offer a few valid juicing suggestions. 

If you are a beginner, the Omega juicers are a good start for your journey. Specifically, you can go for Omega VSJ843 juicer.

They are the best-rated juicers for greens and even fruits. They ensure your fresh juice lasts up to 72 hours of shelf life.

But note that they are high-end juicers, so don’t bother if you are on a tight budget. There’s a wide variety of juicers, and some are very inexpensive juicers that get the job done well.

After storing your juice in a container, where can you use the leftover fruit pulp? As you toss it in the bin, you can’t help feel bad for all that waste. 

Don’t fret – we’ll cover several strategies on how you can rip excellent benefits from leftover juice pulp. 

Leftover Juice Pulp

12 Smart Uses For Leftover Juice Pulp

Without a doubt, leftover juice pulp is full of nutrients. So buckle up your seat as we embark on some of the innovative uses for leftover juice pulp. 


Add It in your Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are the easiest meal to prepare in the morning. Especially if you are frying them and want that crunchy feel for a light meal. 

That vegetable pulp might find some use after all. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add them to the mixture.

Whisk the eggs and pour in the pan as you would usually do, and you have a healthy breakfast. 


Liven Up Smoothies

Though juicing leads you to many health benefits, but it lacks nutrients for your body. The reason is it leaves out fibers essential for your health.   You can add the leftover juice pulp to the blender when preparing your glass of smoothie. Thus, you can get the essential nutrients to your body.  The added pulp will help thicken up your smoothie. Fruit pulps have all those fibers removed while juicing.

But incorporating fruit pulps can increase your calorie intake. As you know, the fibers contain the excess sugars from the fruit peels, which can be a common juicing mistake.

So, it would be best if you tried this once in a while.  On the flip side, the fibers assure that you are content until your next meal.

Add To Baked Foods

Baked foods are the easiest meals to prepare at home or grab at a baking shop. The use of your leftover juice pulp in some of the baked foods is innovative.

When preparing your mixture, add the veggie pulp into your baked goods. Celery, spinach, and kale make good vegetable pulp. They are the best vegetables for juicing.   The pulp brings a moist feel into the baking dish. It lessens the necessity for more lubrication or using butter. Some of the baked foods to try on are muffins, bread, cakes, and bread.
Baked Foods

Turn It into Ice Cubes

Drinking plain water can sometimes be tiring. Turning your fruit pulp into ice cubes is an incredible way to get extra nutrients in your body.   Add your flavor-filled ice cubes to your glass and enjoy.
Ice Cubes

Convert It to Dip

This conversion is a creative way to get the most out of your veggies.

For a quick recipe, mix some cheese along with some yogurt. Then add ¼ cup or so of vegetable pulp along with whatever ingredients you desire.

Yogurt Dip

Making Vegetable Broth

Making vegetable broth is quite simple.

All you need to do is; begin by boiling water, herbs, and spices. Then add the juice pulp in the boiling water that’s mixed with herbs and spices.

Let it cool down and drink. 


Use as a Skincare Alternative

Some fruits and vegetables are right for your skin. They are abundant in antioxidants that assist in skin repair. Fruits like carrots and beets are rich in vitamin A.   

Get a good juicer for carrots and beets. After juicing carrots and beets, you’ll get a dry pulp from the extraction. Take that juice pulp and infuse it in your soaps or scrubs.

You can also make DIY face masks with the leftover juice pulp. 


Making a Fruit Tea

You must have heard of green tea but not fruit tea. Well, it is a thing.

You can make a delightful cup of fruit tea by boiling the fruit pulp with water. And adding an extra spice like ginger. Instead of crushing ginger, you can use a ginger juicer to make ginger tea. 

Fruit Tea

Making Pancakes

Everybody love pancakes. And what a better way of spicing things up in the kitchen than using fruit pulps! So, go ahead and fry them up together with your pancake mix.

It will make incredible pancakes for your morning breakfast.


Making Soups

All kinds of soups and stews are more comfortable with making with vegetable pulp. The nutrient-packed pulp makes the soup thicker and tastier.

Prepare your soup, usually with potatoes, garlic, and all the right ingredients. Then toss in your veggie pulp. 


Making Dog Treats

For those who love dogs or keep dogs, animal treats can be a bit expensive. Well, the good part is that you can bake dog treats with peanut butter and vegetable pulp.

How simple is that? You get to make a quick doggy snack for your pet and cut on the costs. 

Dog Treats


Fresh juice pulp can be useful for your plants and trees if you have a farm or garden. When added to the soil, it acts as an excellent fertilizer.

Because the decomposition of pulps happens fast once exposed to air. It facilitates healthy bacterial growth. And ensures there is food for worms that enrich your soil. 


Final Thoughts

A good juice pulp depends on the type of juicer that you use. My favorite way to use leftover juice pulp is as a face scrub.   Be innovative! Explore your favorite recipes to discover better, and new juice pulp uses. Good luck trying one of these pulp tricks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsGSWXK1lQA

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